About analogue photography

Digital cameras are everywhere…In our time it has become very much normal that you can take photos where and when you like and that you are able to see the image immediately on a screen. But there is analogue photography still. It may have changed its use and perception, but it is still alive. When you were buying a camera in the past, you were mostly looking for one thing: a tool to capture the world in as high quality as possible. This was probably the newest and most expensive camera available.Today there is no difference in quality between digital and analogue cameras anymore. But why still use an old and heavy piece of metal that looks old fashioned and a bit rundown? The answer to that is: „Because you will have a whole different experience“. You may be able to take pictures of people that normally would never want you to. Many people like having their picture taken by a strange looking object/camera and find it comforting that you are not able to show their picture around at once or upload it to the internet. Also if you have pressed the shutter the picture is taken and nobody can demand  that you delete it. Carrying around something unusal, something that doesn´t seem to be from this era also causes many interested questions and pleasant conversations. It provokes communication. And in the end if you try really hard, you might even learn to love that little piece of „junk“ that once belonged to your grandma or that you found in a box at a fleamarket. It will change the way you interact with your surroundings and the way you see things.

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